Reentry Program Services

A Sustainable Solution

Wrap-around Case Management

In-house, experienced case managers and crisis managers meet one-on-one with program participants to identify key barriers. Certain needs identified during the intake interview trigger an automatic email to case management, so we can get started right away with addressing critical needs like securing health insurance or helping to obtain official documents.

Our trauma-informed Individual Reentry Plans are customized to meet the participant's unique needs, with measurable goals and clear timelines. Participants meet regularly with case managers to update Reentry Plans. 

Community Collaboration

We do not waste time or energy duplicating services. Instead, we focus on fostering connections between program participants and the local programs and services which suit their needs. We provide the support and accountability to help ensure follow-through with gaining access to necessary resources such as food stamps, housing assistance, official documents, and employment services. 

Key Components

  • Random drug & alcohol screenings
  • Mandatory volunteer hours
  • Weekly job applications until employed
  • Weekly process groups
  • Attendance at on-site classes to build basic life skills
  • Attendance at AA/NA meetings as needed

Everyone has a Story

Many people in our communities are one incident, one medical emergency, or one mistake away from being homeless. We can help get them back on their feet.

This is Jennifer's Story.

Filmed in 2015 by United Way of Mid-Willamette Valley.

Facility Locations

Clatsop County

2 Reentry homes serving men, women, & children
Contact Suzanne Evans (503) 470-0325

Yamhill County

4 Reentry homes serving men, women, & children
Contact Michael Pollock (503) 560-9387

Tillamook County

1 Reentry facility serving men, women, & children
Contact Gary Carlson (503) 354-8014

Lincoln County

1 Reentry home serving men
Contact Alan Evans (503) 440-9357