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Leadership with Lived Experience

Helping Hands Reentry Outreach Centers was founded by Alan Evans, who was homeless for over 25 years. He was removed from an abusive home and sent to foster care at age 11, but when his circumstances didn't improve, he ran away and was homeless and addicted by age 13. Without adequate resources to address his childhood traumas and help him make positive changes to be able to reenter society, getting arrested meant getting rescued. But his arresting officer asked to hear his story, and offered him a hand. Evans started Helping Hands to give other homeless people what he himself had needed: a helping hand to a sustainable life.


Then & Now

In 2002, Evans opened an 8-bed home for the homeless in Seaside, OR. In 2012, the face of homelessness began to change, with different people vulnerable to homelessness and needing different services. We began to offer Case Management with Individual Reentry Plans to guide each person in accessing the resources they need. We now operate 11 emergency homeless shelter and Reentry Program facilities, providing over 220 beds per night in Clatsop, Tillamook, Yamhill, & Lincoln Counties in Oregon. 

In December 2019, Helping Hands took on the challenge to convert a 155,000 square foot minimum security correctional facility called Wapato Jail into a facility for the homeless. Wapato was built using $58 million of taxpayer money and was never used, and was sold to Jordan Schnitzer in 2018. Schnitzer met Evans at a United Way of Clatsop County fundraiser and together, decided to make one last try to save the building and provide housing and trauma-informed services together in one location. 

Learn more at: www.bybeelakeshopecenter.com


A Focus on Collaboration & Sustainability

The Mission of Helping Hands is to provide a helping hand to a sustainable life through Resources, Recovery, and Reentry. 

Our programs are person-centered and trauma-informed; we take the time to learn each individual's story and help connect them to the appropriate local resources and services to meet their unique needs. We do not duplicate services; instead, we build strong collaborative partnerships with local programs and foster connections between participants and our community partners.  

 Helping Hands serves homeless men, women, & children who are ready to make sustainable changes to improve their lives. Participants must be ready to be clean and sober, and must not be registered sex offenders of any class (since 10% of the people we serve are children). 

Transparency & the Importance of Data

All Helping Hands Reentry Program participants undergo a trauma-informed intake interview where we collect and document key demographics and circumstantial information. We use a proprietary database called Tactical Demographics Systems (TDS) to capture utilization data, track each individual or family's program through their Individual Reentry Plan, document class rosters and community service hours, and connect all 11 facilities for improved communication. 

We use this information to make data-driven policy decisions, to develop Individual Reentry Plans, and in communication with community partners and funding agencies. All participants sign a Release of Information so we communicate openly with law enforcement and other social services agencies to ensure public safety, to maintain the safety of our facilities, and to help participants access resources. The database also notifies Case Management when an uninsured individual checks into an emergency shelter, so we can quickly help them sign up for health insurance.

By analyzing aggregate data, we can also track changing trends in communities to identify which resources are either missing or are inaccessible. Armed with this data, we can advocate for the vulnerable people who need these services the most to ensure that their voices are heard and their needs are met. 

Public Speaking

Have an upcoming meeting or event, and looking for a dynamic speaker to address housing, homelessness, or trauma-informed practices from an authentic perspective?

CEO Alan Evans has extensive public speaking experience, from small groups, service club meetings, and audiences of thousands. To inquire about scheduling Alan as a keynote speaker, breakout session leader, motivational speaker, or program speaker, contact Raven Russell by email at r.brown@helpinghandsreentry.org.

Please include: 

  • Date 
  • Time
  • Location for event
  • A/V availability
  • Who the audience will be: age group, affiliations
  • Any specific or focused topic requests

Donations to Helping Hands are accepted in lieu of a speaker fee. Hotel accommodations are appreciated for long distance travel away from Seaside, OR.

Helping Hands Boards


Board of Directors

Jay Barber, President   Mayor, Seaside OR
Mike Somers, Treasurer   Financial Adviser
Joey Daniels, Secretary   Fire Chief, Seaside OR
Jason Schermerhorn   Police Chief, Cannon Beach OR
Kevin Engelen   Retired University Field Supervisor
John C. Helm   Chief of Staff, Senator Betsy Johnson
James Jordan   Police Officer, Cannon Beach OR
Nick Troxel   Detective & Homeless Liaison, Tillamook OR
Bruce Holt   Police Lieutenant, Seaside OR
Arline LaMear   Former Mayor, retired librarian, City of Astoria 

Geoff Spalding   Police Chief, City of Astoria

Jim Horton   Sheriff, Tillamook County

Brett Hurliman   Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Advisory Board

Senator Betsy Johnson   Oregon State Senator
Robert Moberg   Retired Judge
Kevin LaCoste   Regional President, USBank
Robert Mushen   Retired Ophthalmologist; Clatsop Community Action Board
Dennis Boyle   Retired Supervisor, Wauna Mill
Claire Hall   County Commissioner, Lincoln County
Mike Davies   Entrepreneur
Wayne Evans   Senior Technology Services Manager
Keith James   Technical Project Manager
Veronica Russell   PR & Marketing Specialist
Greg Baker   Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

Richard Russell   General Contractor

Regional Staff

Bybee Lakes Hope Center

Alan Evans, Founder, CEO

Trina Hoggard, Deputy Director, CFO

Raven Russell, Director of Data & Major Projects


 Bybee Lakes Hope Center Project Manager

Elizabeth Kotaich, Development Director


If you need other documents or information, please contact Elizabeth Kotaich, Development Director.


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